Let there be brewing...

I am sure this hiatus has been challenging for you. What is life without brewing?
For sure, it has been difficult; socially, mentally, financially.
But, also an excellent opportunity to pause and reflect. 
I hope you have gained some valuable insights from this unique event.
We used this time to do something we have wanted to do for a long time.
Creating a more comfortable and spacious brew floor.

By drastically reducing the number of brew kits we have been able to create comfy booths. Booths can be connected if needs be. But you no longer have to knock elbows.

And with fewer kits. Less heat.

The biggest bonus?
Your brew instructor will be able to spend more time engaging. Less stress.Social-DistancingWe have all sacrificed to keep the damage from this thing to a minimum and we don't want to undo that.

For peace of mind and public safety we will be implementing the following, in accordance with the government and the hospitality association guidelines:The bar is closed to anybody not brewin…

Open for Off-Sales!

We are accepting online orders for pick-up!

Temporary Opening Hours

10am - 6pm; Tuesday to Saturday

New Services at Alert Level 3

We are keen to start delivering safe and contactless services as soon as we can.
A number of you are needing to pick up your beer still.
After that we can start delivering our new Brew in your Bubble experience.